RENNtech ECU Upgrade McLaren 650S


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RENNtech has been at the forefront of ECU tuning since electronic engine management started to show up in vehicles during the mid 1980’s! Our experience, countless hours of in house research, development and exhaustive testing ensure that our proprietary ECU upgrade offers incredible performance gains and rock solid daily driver reliability.

RENNtech tuning software for McLaren offers significant gains in horsepower and torque across the vehicles entire power band. By modifying ignition timing and throttle mapping, optimizing air/ fuel ratios, increasing the engines rev limiter and modifying boost mapping for turbo charged vehicles, RENNtech performance software unleashes your McLarens” true potential.


McLaren 650S Stock Performance:

641 HP @ 7250rpm / 500 LB-FT @ 3000-7000rpm

Modified Performance:

690 HP / 544 LB-FT


+49 HP / +44 LB-FT

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