Active Autowerke BMW X5/X6 Performance Software





The BMW 4.4L (5.0) Twin Turbo motor is BMW’s newest powerhouse. From the factory this engine produces 400 HP and 450 Ft Lbs of torque. Through careful engineering and countless hours of R&D Active Autowerke is able to raise the power levels by 40 rear wheel horsepower and 40 ft lbs of torque. This power increase has been obtained by increasing the boost levels and modifying the fuel and ignition tables.
All this has been in done while maintaining the factory characteristics that BMW engineered this engine/Ecu combination to work with. The Active Autowerke upgraded software is designed to operate with gasoline that has an average octane rating with full emissions to create a clean burning combustion with good AFR’s all within factory specifications.
Looking to bring your 4.4 Twin Turbo motor to the next level? This upgrade is a must for the BMW enthusiast lookin for over 460 HP and a powerful 500 ft lbs of torque.



40 Rwhp and 40 Ft lbs of torque Increases
Higher torque over factory settings through RPM range
Recalibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive part throttle transition
Recalibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive power delivery

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